EVADE – Space shooter for the Arduboy


One of my very first projects at Modus Create has been to work on EVADE.

EVADE is a side scrolling shooter for the Arduboy. For those of you not familiar with the Arduboy, it is a credit card sized hand held games “console”. As you can probably guess from its name it resembles a the Nintendo Gameboy.

Unlike the Gameboy, it is based on the Arduino platform and holds only a single game at a time. These can be uploaded from the Arduino IDE via a USB cable.

A number of sites online carry to the Arduboy including Adafruit.

So let’s take a look at EVADE.


When I said let’s take a look at EVADE, I really meant look. The team at Modus Create put together an awesome cinematic trailer, you can watch it right here:

EVADE Cinematic trailer from Modus Create on Vimeo.

It’s a video game in the classic sense. Three bosses, three enemies and four lives. You navigate through a star field as waves of aliens attack your ship!

Hopefully this has wet your appetite to the play the game. The files can all be downloaded from the GitHub repository:


Once you have them, plug in your Arduboy, upload and play!

Also don’t forget to check out the Modus Create blog for further updates on how we built this nifty project.



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