Throughout this blog I will be building, using and investigating technology to build a home intelligent heating (and AC) system. My goal is to save money, generate some of my own electricity and generally having fun doing it.

This blog is also dedicated to:

  1. Home-brew electronics for your home
  2. Open source technologies such as, but not limited to: Arduino, Raspberry PI, HTSQL, Wiring
  3. Home-brew Thermostats
  4. Green home -generated electricity
  5. Home automation
  6. Embedded systems
  7. Showing you don’t have spend money with the big companies to get the same and better results.

5 thoughts on “About

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes I plan to hook in the A/C as well. Currently we have a Honeywell programmable controller that runs the A/C, however building in an interface for the heating system would be great.
      For example I’d like my system to automatically kick in the fan in the cooling system and use that to pull the warm air from the pellet stove around the house as well.


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