Winter storm Nemo

So we got slammed last night with over a couple of feet of snow. Down the road in Milford CT snow topped out at 38″.

Snow drifts thanks to the wind last night have resulted in huge snow banks, and most of the roads around here are shut with three feet of snow.

Here is a photo of the snow build up outside our front door. Using the tape measure the snow bank came in at over 40 inches.

Front door

Snow build up

Snow build up

Since we are currently snowed in and waiting for the plow trucks to clear the road, today is a great day to work on some projects. I’m going to be comparing the difference between building curtain automation devices using a stepper motor and a regular DC motor.

There is also a post in the works on using processing to design a layout of your home that can be used for displaying sensor data.

Finally a post is also in the works about the recently released book.

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