A quick update

This month has been extremely busy so time for blogging has been tight.

Here is a quick update of what is going on with the heating and associated projects:

Book deal

There is now currently a book in the works covering some of the topics on this website using a new technology available for the raspberry Pi. I won’t give too much away in this post, other than to say, if you are interested in the subjects blogged about here, then this is a book for you. More details on this as I can release them.

Change in temperature

As October has rolled in, the temperature has started to drop. This is perfect timing for testing one of my first thermostats – the thernet model. More on this thermostat in a separate post to follow

Database server

Over the next couple of months I will be sourcing the hardware to set up my permanent Postgres DB server. If you followed my earlier post on the prototype DB server I showed how we can set up a Postgres DB for storing temperature readings and then query it with HTSQL. Going forward I will document the setting up process of the actual production server, the database architecture and HTSQL server configuration. All of code will be available via BitBucket which leads me too….

BitBucket account

I will be setting up a BitBucket account where you can download copies of the bash scripts, code and documentation for your own projects.

Index/ToC page for the blog

Expect to see an Index/ToC page for the blog. This will provide a page where posts are grouped by topic and thread, so you can read a set of posts on a particular subject in logical order when working on that aspect of your heating system.

Other subjects

There are some posts in line discussing:

  • MagPi – the Raspberry Pi fanzine
  • Arduino visual display components – a comparison of TFT and LCD components for thermostats
  • Some good books worth reading
  • X10 – A look at the X10 standard, thanks to stillwaternc for the discussion on this over on the About page.

So keep your eyes on this space for more posts to come.

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