Quick update – number 2

With summer being here, things have been a little slower on the development/soldering front. However as we approach fall this will change.

Here is an update of what is happening.

3D printing co-operative

This evening the first meeting of our 3D printing co-operative will take place. Now we have ironed out the issues with the MakerBot, the rest of the co-operative is ready to start using it. I’ll be posting the occasional picture up here of any cool objects my colleagues make.

Instructional Videos

As part of the inauguration of the 3D printing co-op we will doing some training sessions on the Replicator. I will try to film some of the important aspects of this (changing material spools, changing the base plate heat etc.) and adding links to these on the blog.

Ordering Materials

I still have some outstanding components to order for my Thermostats, I’ll be sorting these out next week. Once I have them all, expect a post listing each piece, what it does and how it fits together as part of the overall system.

Raspberry PI remote access/ssh

Expect two separate posts, one on setting up the Raspberry PI to be accessed over your home network (so you don’t need a TV/Monitor) and the second on installing the latest version of HTSQL. (Update: these can be found here)

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