Upgrading Raspbmc

Raspbmc Upgrade

For those of you who have been using Raspbmc you will be aware that was an update on the 22nd of Feb.

A lot of people seem to have had problems with the update starting, then hanging with a screen that says:

“Relax CMBG will restart shortly”

I have attached a screen shot of this below:





I fixed the problem using the following steps.

Note you will need to also download any 3rd party plugins again or copy the zip files if your Raspberry Pi if you still have them on there.

Start by backing up your Raspbmc settings. You can do this by shelling into your Raspberry Pi and taring the settings.

tar -czf xbmc-backup.tar.gz .xbmc

Copy the tar file to another machine. For example you can open a fresh shell into the Raspberry Pi and secure copy (scp) the file to your local machine

scp <user>@<ip address>:/path/to/backup .

Next head over to the Raspbmc website’s download page.


You can find the instructions here to re-install Raspbmc.

Once the instillation is complete, copy your tar file containing the settings back up to the Raspberry  Pi.

Running the following command will then untar the settings and re-load them.

sudo initctl stop xbmc && tar -xzf xbmc-backup.tar.gz && sudo initctl start xbmc

Finally you will need to setup your 3rd party plugins again.

Raspbmc book

Sam Nazarko the creator of Raspbmc also has a book out on the subject, you can check it out on the Packt Publishing website.

Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino

So the book has finally been published!

Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino - book cover

Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino

The title is: Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino and it is available from Packt publishing at the following URL:



A bit about the book

Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino is a basic introductory guide for using your Raspberry Pi technology and the Arduino Open Source framework, for building small home automation projects. The book will walk you through the basics of getting setup, trying out some basic electronic components such as photo-resistors and DC motors and building some introductory projects.

I’ve tried to keep the book accessible to beginners and steered clear of anything too complex. Once you are comfortable with the material in the book you’ll be able to move onto the more challenging projects.

Some of the topics covered in the book include:

  • Install an operating system for your Raspberry Pi
  • Set up the Raspberry Pi and Arduino bridge shield
  • Learn how to work with electronic components to build small circuits
  • Develop applications that interact with your circuits
  • Use thermistors and photoresistors to monitor and control your surroundings
  • Control your own mains power with a relay shield and even connect a motor to your Raspberry Pi

Cooking Hacks shield 

Due to delays in the Gertboard shipping, when originally writing the book I found an excellent replacement for this component. This is the Cooking Hacks Raspberry Pi to Arduino connection bridge shield, which can be found here.

As you may have seen in some of my earlier posts I have given some video examples on the bridge shield being used to connect a Arduino Relay and Arduino Motor shield to the Raspberry Pi.

I would recommend checking this component out if you plan to do any home automation projects with your Raspberry Pi and want to re-use existing Arduino shields.


If you have any question or queries feel free to post them here. If you spot any Errata (yes the dreaded typo as well) you can send through a correction form here.