Gertboard built


I spent some time setting up the Gertboard. This should make an interesting expansion to the home media center.

Here we can see the board under construction:



And here it is setup ready to be plugged into the RPi.

Setting up the Gertboard

Setting up the Gertboard

My next task will to find a good case for the Gertboard or to use the 3D printer to create one.


A quick update

Just a quick post with some updates:

Commercial Home Automation

There are a number of products out in the market I;d like to give a test run and review here. I’ve listed a couple of these below. Unlike X10 these devices use web based techology.


Lowes have launched their own home automation tools known as Iris. You can see a variety of the devices here:


Like Lowes Belkin aso have their own home automation devices under the WeMo brand:


I’ve been experimenting with dd-wrt using a spare wireless router I have at home. It’s a great piece of software and allows you to turn a second wireless router into a bridge-relay for your existing network. I think I will actually end up using it for creating a second more secure network for running my home automation devices over. I can then use the existing wi-fi network for regular surfing, netflix etc.


So after a long wait the Gertboard has finally arrived. It is in kit-form so I’ll be spending some time soldering the components together. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on this!


Gertboard Kit

Gertboard Kit


Quick updates


For those of you not familiar with it, the Gertboard is a microcontroller kit for the Raspberry Pi that comes with a variety of add ons (motors, sensors etc.)

It hasn’t shipped in the US yet, however I have pre-ordered it and will be doing a review once the equipment arrives.

In the meantime you can read more about it at the Element14 site.

Potential book

As a result of this blog there is the potential for a book in the works, more on this when/if it develops further.

Punching cable

I recently got a crash course in punching cable and wiring up Cat 5 and phone cable. There is a post in the works on this, where I will explain the relevance for home automation.